Ok, so here is a picture.

I am going to place a picture here on the sidebar #1. It's a picture of my fat self, so I am sorry if I break your computer. Please do not sue.

Fatty Vitae


This is the Sidebar 2 area, I'm not quite sure what to put here, perhaps a widget of sorts? I'm not quite sure how to insert widgets yet, but I'll figure that out soon. Once I have, you'll see a widget below this text.

Actually, here is a link to my Facebook for now:

Click for my Facebook page.

Here I am, rock me like a hurricane.

So today I am testing out this Dreamweaver program, trying to come up with some templates and designs for both my husband and I. I have no idea how to work this, but I'm learning.

I like bold fonts, in slightly larger size then the main paragraph fonts.

Still trying to figure out why Dreamweaver puts all sample text in Latin, I don't understand Latin, and I am wondering if perhaps there is some hidden meaning in the Latin like "You are a zombie, kill your parents, Adobe is the overlord." Though, I'm sure if that was the case someone who actually knows Latin would have said something by now to the media. Oh well.